TextPipe Pro


Use filters to convert, edit, and replace text


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TextPipe Pro is a powerful application to modify text or data files in just seconds, no matter what type of changes or edits you need to do.

TextPipe Pro works via categorized filters (there more than 270 different ones available). In each category you'll find filters for hundreds of different preset operations; you just have to select and apply them to get the result you want.

The filters are comprised of text-string searches, conversion operations, find and replace, format conversions, adding blocks of text in preset formats, database extraction based on text references, etc.

But undoubtedly the most interesting thing about TextPipe Pro is that it supports all kinds of documents, including web formats like HTML or XML, and even ASCII, ANSI, and Unicode files and Microsoft Office documents. You can also save filter lists to use in the future. Thanks to this application, you no longer have to use several different editors for each file format you need to work with.

You can try the application with no restrictions for a maximum of 30 days.

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